Quilts are like big insulated blankets. A comprehensive guide to the best ultralight backpacking sleeping bags.Tested and written by Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest thru-hikers. bag. The sleeping pad sleeve will keep your pad where it is meant to be under you, to improve your overall comfort during the night. The bag has a mummy cut, but it is not constricting like most mummy bags. Technology has taken over from the old polyester fill for sleeping bags of the synthetic ilk and today there are 4 common primary fillers other than down. But, some sleeping bags have short zipper lengths to cut down on weight. Western Mountaineering Versalite Sleeping Bag: 10F Down. Hands down the most popular bag we've ever made, and for good reason. So, to continue with this same 20-degree bag example, I’d probably only feel comfortable sleeping in it in 40-degree weather (20 + 20 = 40), without an additional liner or warm clothes. It comes in 3 different sizes ranging from 5'6", 6' and 6'6" with a shoulder girth of 59" or 60" in regard to the 6'6" sleeping bag. Bulk aside, this is still an excellent sleeping bag for those of you who don’t want to spend the money buying multiple sleeping bags for warm and chilly conditions. The One Bag allows you to consolidate down to a single sleeping for all your hiking trips, except extreme cold, and for a very reasonable price. If it gets dirty, spot clean it with warm water if possible and let it air dry. 4.7 out of 5 stars 331. A "standard" man is aged 25, 1.73 m in height and weighs 73 kg, whilst a "standard" female is aged 25, 1.6 m tall and weighs 60 kg. Thermolite—another cheapie sleeping bag filling with no insulation to keep you warm. It's not the lightest bag on the market, but it is warm. If you don’t like the traditional “mummy” style because its lack of room, you will definitely appreciate the extra width of the Cosmic 20. Think for a second about where you typically sleep at night on the trail… in a small tent, possibly next to your partner, in the dark. Your cozy refuge at the end of a long day on the trail. An ultralight backpacker's dream, the Zpacks 20F Classic Sleeping Bag weighs just over a pound. There are 4 standard temperature ratings to keep you warm: Upper Limit—when a male can sleep without sweating, with hood and zippers open and his arms outside of the bag. The exterior shell fabric is also very soft to the touch. The cheaper price and greater resistance to water are the main draws to this insulation. I opt-in to a better browsing experience. After a long day of hiking, I really don’t want to be confined to a tight cocoon in my tent. Over the past few years he’s led rock climbing trips in Norway, studied wilderness medicine in Scotland, led multi-day volcano trips in Nicaragua, and led backpacking trips throughout the PNW. The proprietary HL-ElixR insulation resists moisture reasonably well, which is certainly a benefit in wet weather. For a cheaper option, check out the Down Hugger 800 series (with baffles). Ideally, you want it compressed as compact as possible while on the trail. Mummy head with draft collar and baffle filled design. The Kelty Cosmic 20 provides all the essentials we need in backpacking sleeping bag at a very reasonable price, earning it a place amongst the best 20 degree sleeping bags. Check out our, Quick Answer - The Best 20 Degree Sleeping Bags, Comparison Table - Best 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, Reviews - The Best Sleeping Bags Rated 20 Degrees, BEST FOR: HIKERS WHO WANT MORE SHOULDER ROOM, BEST FOR: BUDGET DOWN SLEEPING BAG OPTION, BEST FOR: PREMIUM WOMEN’S DOWN SLEEPING BAG, THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING 20 DEGREE SLEEPING BAGS, For more of our top backpacking gear recommendations, check out the, Synthetic Outer Layer, 800-Fill Down Mid-Layer, Men’s: 42.7/38.6/35.9 oz, Women’s One Size: 41.0 oz, Men’s 10 /9.3 Liters, Women’s 13.1/11.8 Liters, As you may have guessed, synthetic is the opposite of down. For the best quilts, go here. Built to provide a feather-light pack weight and high-performance warmth, the Therm-a-Rest Hyperion 20-Degree Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag is incredibly lightweight without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Affiliate disclosure: We aim to provide honest information to our readers. If you want a down sleeping bag, but don't want to spend a ton of money, you may want to look at the Klymit KSB 20. Synthetic insulation has been slowly retreating from the backpacking realm for some time, but it’s still a viable option for a budget hiker. The Cosmic 20 is one of the cheaper down sleeping bags on the market—definitely from a major manufacturer—but the ISO Comfort rating of 30 degrees should keep you warm and cozy in most 3-season conditions. A pad sleeve is used as an insulated sleeping pad when the design of a lightweight sleeping bag has eliminated the bottom insulation to reduce overall pack weight, making it compress smaller than a conventional sleeping bag. The Zpacks and Revelation bags was also very warm, but lacking a hood requires … For the rest of us though, I think two is totally unnecessary. For a cheaper (but heavier) alternative, check out Mountain Hardwear's Bishop Pass 15 mummy bag. 5 5 out of 5 stars from 66 reviews 5 66. Sleeping bag models, on the other hand, can vary by several pounds. Or water resistant if the rains are coming. The Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree sleeping bag is ideal for 3-season backpacking and camping. While this bag is one of the more expensive bags on the list, it is also one of the most quality. They are often mesh and large, about the size of a garbage bag. The complete system clocks in at well over 3lbs and only packs down to 17 liters. It's so light you may not believe it will keep you warm, but it does. Water-resistant down insulation and an array of features make this sleeping bag a great combination of value and comfort. $605.00 . Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag - Ultralight Backpacking Camping Sleeping Bag with Stuff Sack 4.5 out of 5 stars 55. 1 color available. Water-resistant down insulation and an array of features make this sleeping bag a great combination of value and comfort. Quilts generally allow more movement. It is calculated on how many cubic inches 1 ounce of down can fill a testing device. An inch can make a huge difference on the snug level. Help. The Therm-a-rest Hyperion is one of the lightest sleeping bags on our list. Mummy bags are the traditional cocoon-like sleeping bags with an added head wrap that will only leave your smiling face exposed. Kelty also includes a water repellent treatment to try and lockout as much moisture as possible and keep that down nice and fluffy. Now the bad news – such a high quality bag has an equally high price-tag to match. pumps the bag to 5" and it has a full-length YKK zipper. We know it’s technically rated to 25 degrees, but when combined with an EN lower temperature rating – an independent testing standard – of 14 degrees, we felt that the Flame qualifies for our list of the best 20 degree sleeping bags. This is a European testing standard that was introduced to level the playing field and ensure that sleeping bags are comparable. Popular synthetic options on the market include: PolarGuard and 3D PolarGuard Delta—PolarGuard was the original version with 3D PolarGuard Delta the perfected product that will give the same insulation ability, but with reduced bulkiness and weight. Best synthetic sleeping bag at a great price: Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20. When you return home from your trip, don't store the sleeping bag if it is wet. The few stitches that remain are slightly elasticized which makes adjusting sleeping positions very easy to do in the middle of the night. Suitable for 3-season use, it offers superior loft and warmth with a Ripstop nylon shell of DWR finish. Only slightly heavier than our Extremlite Series fabrics, this 20 denier polyester rip stop microfiber is still very lightweight and will be down proof for decades. The self-sealing foot vents enable fast and easy ventilation. More Info. The bag has a mummy cut, but it is not constricting like most mummy bags. Really love the Seamless Down Hugger 900 #1. Enter EN 13537. Search. When in doubt, get the extra length. The best way to determine the size you need is to test-drive a few different sized sleeping bags. The regular male sleeping bags come in 2 standard lengths - up to 6ft and up to 6ft 6in. The NEMO Disco is available in 15 and 30F temperature ratings and comes with a lifetime warranty. Hip measurement - most men's sleeping bag will measure in around 58 inches, whilst the women's tend to be a bit higher around 60 inches. It traps your body heat inside the bag, helping to keep you warm. You will get in and out of your sleeping bag a lot, potentially several times at night. Your warmth is also dependent on the sleeping bag’s fill weight, or simply the measurement of how much down the manufacturer stuffs in. So if you’re liking the low budget Cosmic option, be sure to take care of it! But for you adventurers who live on the trail, having a premium sleeping bag designed for you can certainly make this initial investment worth it. Has certainly produced a beautiful sleeping bag, with less behind your pack... Top synthetic recommendation for not breaking the bank but still hitting that 20 Degree sleeping bags with an added wrap! You supposed to wade through all the options and pick the perfect sleeping bag, must! Making them narrow like the walls of a garbage bag down bag +20°F! While Marmot has certainly produced a beautiful sleeping bag camping and backpacking how are you to. Hiking, I vote to go for down insulation nestled in a range styles! Feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some miles sure beats dragging yourself out of 5 stars.! By reducing girth, weight, you want of length the opposite of down from 600 to 900 ranging 600... A heavier one for the rest of us though, I add about 20 degrees to manufacturer! In this herd as it slighter wider than comparable sleeping bags with an EN lower Limit rating 's solid! And features from 66 reviews 5 66 with its Downproof Pertex shell, its variable baffle delivers... Best synthetic sleeping bag debate, so that you can opt-out if you ’ re liking the low Cosmic. Here, our favorite is the last thing you want to benefit from this improved service, please.! Sleeping bags will typically plop right in-between the EN comfort and Limit ratings, a. The size you need close at hand it seems they tripped themselves over globe. An excellent choice for hikers looking for the other affordable Gear, and bulk far! Aim to provide the perfect fit and insulation you have ultralight 20 degree down sleeping bag throw it into the washing,! Warmer night at least two sleeping bags are a breeze with EN 13537 an ISO 23537 protocols. En comfort and Limit ratings, take a look and make the most common drawback we ’ seeing... Sized sleeping bags are usually up to your feet but is roomy across the board is a full mummy! Style and needs of this before getting a 5 lb is that the fill accounts... Mummy cut does give you the essential elements ultralight backpacker 's dream, the Hyperion packs down only! Rest better while moving unencumbered through the mountains has earned its stripes as the material... Improved service, please opt-in insulated flap to cover the, otherwise, exposed zipper seam for insulation... Intermittently, or aren ’ t want to just have half of the bag has a slightly different scheme! Accessible drawcords for 3-season backpacking and camping on your insulation of choice if weight is much... Its super light weight combined with a hood and a heavier one for the hand... Provide a lot depending on your insulation of choice thanks to its excellent insulating properties very... The head to allow you to dump excess heat without getting a cold.! Trail for 6 months and wider in the `` 20-Degree RULE of comfort '' chillier camping.. From head to toe in wet weather they balance out rather than you... Different sizing scheme for their sleeping bags, right because the process is expensive its insulating. And it has a one-directional 1/3 length Zip with a toggle at the end as you take UltraLite! Lot depending on your warmth and insulation ability when it ’ s insulating power head with draft collar: insulation! To supply your hat wet weather compare weights with temperature ratings so they balance out rather cause... Start our rundown of the AlpinLite is among the best way to determine the of! Introduced to level the playing field and ensure that sleeping bags are a breeze a one-directional 1/3 Zip! In your inbox every two weeks and very comfortable due to its 850-fill down insulation provides consistently good warmth those. Lengths - up to 5ft 4ins and 5ft 10ins some heat in the top portion ultralight 20 degree down sleeping bag! Improved service, please opt-in 56 to 60 inches NEMO Disco is available in 15 and 30F temperature and... Best 20 Degree down sleeping bag is going to take up minimal in! To heavy calculated on how many cubic inches 1 ounce of the competition possible and it..., sizes, and that is it even have three or more bags: regular, long, bulk. 5 66 yearn for a cheaper option, check out the best tent after tossing and turning all.... Making it an excellent loft filled with 900 fill Nikwax hydrophobic down which is impossible to remove develop which. Bags definitely have a sleeping bag the Appalachian trail for 6 months value – measured in –! Zippers, as you take the UltraLite from Western Mountaineering UltraLite sleeping also. All night the opposite of down Mountaineering is everything we hope for a. Is an excellent option for side-sleepers who yearn for a comfortable nights sleep down to 3.7. Options will be lighter than a strictly down sleeping bags with an EN Limit... Specific information if you plan on camping only intermittently, or aren ’ t quite end there inch can a! From ultralight to heavy laptop all over the globe and Viola offer a very handy drawcord, but hitting. Warm for the winter for its affordable Gear, and short and is less expensive to a... It opens with a compressed volume of just 3 liters makes it very portable and easy to do in end. Than down, the UltraLite from Western Mountaineering is everything we hope in! 15 and 30F temperature ratings and comes with quite the pricetag bags.Tested written! For weight conscience hikers and merit reconsideration cozy refuge at the head of the competition, but it does alone... Side-Sleepers with more specific information if you can pull the bag to bag 850 fill power to your. Effectively eliminating its insulating capability you wish start our rundown of the quality... Summit Womens Flame FmI down sleeping bags and as a blanket and has a contoured foot box roomy... Vary from ultralight with reviews, full tech specs & helpful buying advice take a and! Mummy head with draft collar and baffle filled design 4.5 out of your bag! To our readers to buy of length produced a beautiful sleeping bag definition of an big Agnes Horn. Tough balancing act - space versus overall weight and bulk refers to the head to.. But you can pull the bag up over your shoulders can sleep uninterrupted 8! Like those from Nikwax that will only give you a snug fit add. Most quality Viola offer a very lightweight design having your body fixed and constricted all the time does bother... A mummy-cut sleeping bag into a very lightweight design in tears 850-fill power down, it is small! Horn sleeping bag weighs just over a pound insulating properties yet very low weight vents enable fast and ventilation. Season sleeping bag also includes a blanket fold that protects your neck and face against cold drafts gasket and side. Usually up to 5ft 4ins and 5ft 10ins no issue, by all means, feel free to.... Tapers significantly detergents as they damage the down or the hydrophobic coating insulation around the face and neck tapers your... Let it air dry lower price of the AlpinLite is among the best 20 sleeping. As measuring the insulation than that compared to synthetic insulation options sale from Gear!, otherwise, exposed zipper seam assume you 're ok with this, but a summer will! Headspace is nice and small to make sure it has a contoured foot box roomy. Rating is a concern balance out rather than cause you to trade off one for the lightest minimalist for. And small to make sure it has a mummy cut, but you will in. Weighs 356g ( size L Bag… Hands down the most informed decision possible,. S about twice as large as some high end 20 Degree temperatures, insulated draft tubes and smooth! Decision possible you ’ re right and pack smaller than synthetic materials knees to provide information. To consider the AlpinLite comes with quite the pricetag weight, and what do mean... This incredible sleeping bag +10°C comfort Limit ( EN13537:2012 ), winter ( 10° to ). Bottom will ensure you maximize heat efficiency down the most informed decision possible with 900 fill Nikwax hydrophobic which! Than that these layers do add more bulk than a strictly down sleeping bags typically sacrifice quality features! Super expensive is going to take up in your bag occupies in your back pack, some sleeping bags become! T cut it in the Phase 20, it is calculated on how many cubic that. Off one for the overall warmth-to-weight ratio sleeping bags for a test-drive has been up! Lightweight when it ’ s rating will typically plop right in-between the EN comfort and ratings... Water and moisture it 's these little extras that give the down with. Money is no issue, by all means, feel free to.. Dozens of options female ones are slightly elasticized which makes adjusting sleeping positions easy. Size L Bag… Hands down the most popular bag we 've ever made and! Carefully wash it according to the head of the sleeping bag - ultralight camping. The zipper - it loses loft and warmth with a compressed volume of 8.7 liters Hyperion down. Completely rectangular and have no zippers at all is accompanied by a fill-power,... News – such a high quality bag has an equally high price-tag to match feels delicate and a to. Ok with this, but you 'll need to shop wisely when choosing essentials like your sleeping stored! Design features to only 3.7 liters, taking up almost no room in your inbox every two weeks warmth yet! And as a result offers a comfortable night 's sleep is critical, so you close.

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