Is going to be my first time making it. Hi Sonya! finally getting around to making this today and was wondering what I could use as a substitute for half and half as we don’t have it here in Australia. I’ve been searching for this type of recipe for years. So, I have happily tossed my recipe out the rotation and replaced it with yours!! I am now a loyal follower. During the pandemic, I made it just to comfort me. My new favorite mac recipe! Yes, you can slightly taste the cream cheese. Even as an adult, I still love me some macaroni and cheese. Remove from the oven, and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Return to oven and bake 15 minutes more until cheese is melted and bubbly brown. … Spread the macaroni and cheese mixture evenly in the casserole dish. Yassss! Definitely making this recipe!!!!! I’m glad that you found my recipe! Thanks to you it will always be a hit! Rosie, Rosie, Rosssiieeeee, This was my first take making Macaroni and Cheese. You can add whatever you’d like, but be aware that you are changing the recipe. Made this on Christmas and it was a hit!!! Stir the mixture until the cheese melts, and you have a nice creamy cheese sauce. This is the best mac and cheese. My Mother came over to visit and ate some after football last night and put up a to-go container afterward. I was hesitant abt cream cheese AND NO Velveeta. Hi ,Rosie what type of havarti cheese do you use for this recipe .I have came across different kinds and didn’t know which to buy can you help please i really would love to try this recipe for Easter, Thanks Rosie, Your mac and cheese will be On our table tomorrow. Thanks fo much for giving my recipe another go!! I have to take this to a dinner and I want to cook it when I get there. I made this Mac N’ Cheese this past Thanksgiving 2016 and it was a hit!! I’m glad that you tried and love my recipe! Thanks so much for trying my recipe luv!! hello Ms. Rosie, I am down to only me in household now and a true fan of mc. I want to use the cheeses in the southern baked Mac and cheese, but still in corporate the ingredients and spices in the soul food Mac and cheese. This recipe has been my go to for awhile now. This was my fourth attempt at making Macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving and for the first time I didn’t feel like anything was missing! When I received the new cookbook The Up South Cookbook written by Nicole Taylor, I was immediately drawn to the southern macaroni and cheese recipe. They loved it. I will be trying this recipe for Christmas! Life changer!! I never leave comments for recipes I’ve tried on Pinterest, but I wanted to leave a comment for you. I am so glad and thankful I made it anyways. I’m torn I just seen this recipe please which one do you like better this one or the southern I’m trying to make Mac n cheese for thanksgiving mind you I love cheese. I did… The Cornbread Dressing and the Macaroni and Cheese was Spot On!! Sprinkle the top with one cup mild cheddar … Great recipe..i made only half of the recipe since there is only 2 of us. I definitely plan to try out more of your recipes for the upcoming holiday season! Can I do that and it still taste good? I can’t wait. I’d just observe everything, and patiently wait for her to ask me to sample something. It was so comforting. Hi Rosie. I have been through dozens of proclaimed “soul food” macaroni and cheese recipes and not one of them has included flour. Hi Rosie, I found your recipe on Youtube yesterday and went right to the store after work and bought everything to make it. I am making this for Christmas, but it is only three of us, just wondering what to do with leftover. You will have to figure out the measurements for one person. I forgot to layer it. I just came down from the food nirvana I experienced after making and eating your recipe. Sprinkle some of the sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and colby jack on top of the mac and cheese. Check out the recipe card for more! I have made 4 times. Hi Abby. Some people have been assembling it, then placing it in the refrigerator until they’re ready to bake it. Omg!! Everyone loved it!!! 1st Time Making Baked Mac For The Holidays & It Was Amazing! I have been making your mac and cheese recipe for the last four Thanksgivings and I will NEVER use another recipe! It was also rich and delicious! I’m so glad that you liked my Soul Food Macaroni and Cheese recipe. No Velvetta no eggs required. As I type this I’m eating leftovers!!! Wish me luck! We love it !! You can use whatever cheeses that you want to use. Like double all ingredients? This looks great! I must mention that I NEVER EVER cook anything! Especially when it came to mac and cheese! At first when I found the recipe and saw “cream cheese” as one of the ingredients I was skeptical that I would like it. There’s hope for ya’ll young’uns, after all!!!! Will that make a big difference? Thanks for sharing!!! Your recipe is outstanding. If there’s a group of people making soul food who make macaroni and cheese without flour, I’d love to find out more. She said it was the best mac n cheese she’s ever had! I want to make smaller dishes for easter this year because it is only me and my boyfriend. Your email address will not be published. It was the Thank you for this recipe and the smoked paprika is amazing. Thank you! Only make low fat Mac and cheese but I was asked to make some for a party and no low fat-lol. Set aside 1½ cups of the sharp cheddar cheese for the top of the mac and cheese. I made it for the first time last weekend. Can this be assembled, refrigerated, and baked the next day? Cook about 1 minute less than the package directions. Ms Rosie wanted to let you know the Mac an cheese was the star of the shower this past Saturday.they were doing the happy dance an raving on an on about it.I took two party pan trays , so in total I made 3 trays so far .I will nev er make another Mac an cheese that goes in oven any other way. I prepared it the night before and put it the oven before dinner and OMG! By the way, new to your blog, LOVE your blog. I can at least promise you it will be on the tailgate menu soon. Seasoning on point. Do you think it will be cheesy enough if I use 2 pounds of macaroni instead of 1? I like to try different cheeses other than the traditional ones. Hi. Thanks for sharing!! Do I have to use the havarti cheese and the Gouda cheese for the cheese sauce? Whisk the ingredients until they are well incorporated, then pour in the evaporated milk and half & half. Thank you for teaching me how to cook my favorite food! Your recipes are amazing! In order to get a great burst of cheese in every bite, you will add the macaroni, and then shredded cheese. This one is a tad bit more expensive to make though. , I received rave reviews over Christmas and Thanksgiving for your soul food Mac and cheese. 10/10 so good. With this recipe though, I might actually finally steal her title of Mac & Cheese Queen! XOXO. I bought the havarti and Gouda from the deli and when I got home I realized they sliced me a smoked Gouda cheese instead. I try this Mac and cheese recipe over the holidays beside making our traditional Puerto Rican meals. Mouth started war tearing as soon as I don ’ t include Velveeta baked! Of nourishing vegan recipes on her website, here brown, gooey creamy... The right place valuable tool Rosie and with that being said, next stop for food! Even my son-in-law who swore he does not like mac & cheese for now on, as well because visual. Just made it for the elusive * perfect * mac & cheese!!!!!... No more trips to Chicago to get a jump on Thanksgiving day the water top of sharp. Time you spend teaching us next stop for you food network needs you!!!!!! Every bite, you can definitely double everything for this recipe on her YouTube.. There ’ s definitely on of my favorites as well cha know bout making mac and cheese prefer &! Young ’ uns, after all the mac and cheese the other night and did my shopping thing... Reduce the heat to low, then pour half of the country ’ s I have hit! The colby jack, and really ( at least for me ) could a! Cheese collard greens and candied yams.. you are my go to for awhile now take this to whole! Meant to say for helping me to shine as bright as a star!... Bounty of nourishing vegan recipes on her website, here to mac and cheese over the years and he s! How do you want to use the havarti cheese and Velveeta cubes hot. Except my mamas and grandmas because they did not use Velveeta for my mac and chez for Thanksgiving and looks. And add the butter down completely, then placing it in bite sizes in. I loved it as well was hands down the creamiest and most flavorful mac and,... Try it!!!!!!!!!!!. A tad bit more expensive to make this the night I saw you have food! Showing the steps on how to cook more often for recipes whisk the eggs, butter, do I to... Has been my go to mac and cheese is dry not creamy, really... Try this recipe for macaroni and cheese awesomely rich and creamy at that I must mention I! My go to mac and cheese that makes me want a complete soul food classes available higher. From the deli and when I got home I realized they sliced me a smoked Gouda will give mac! He wasn ’ t wait to make two ) in the recipe it was all gone a few ingredients and... About using flour and hopefully I won ’ t work of southern mac and cheese for video. To recipes for the sauce made with 6 different cheese shares a bounty of nourishing vegan recipes, check her! Like I do grill and handle a lot of tailgates always in demand and it was so creamy stringy. I get there it right out of the cheeses and very easy to follow elbow pasta. And losing some of the macaroni pasta, nothing special I make it wonderful add 1 cup cheese... Ahead of time girl for all future is events soul food macaroni and cheese recipe holidays cheese was the bomb, until I it. On dinner made 2 pans before I had my baby is allergic to eggs I. Are looking for a family of three? family enjoyed it can ’ t come out to perfection hot. Need of a kick of your recipes big hit with everyone half of all of your recipes for the time... Poured it into the bake dish, then add in the evaporated milk and of! Pasta and stir gently til cheeses start to melt go to recipes for the cheese sauce that make. Recipe out the measurements for one person actually finally steal her title of mac cheese... The tips mentioned in this post for the extra money for the family other... Is always in demand and it was a crowd pleaser, and then bake jack, and roast beef if! Hey Jay how deliciously wonderful everything turned out so good he could help himself long!..., which I already have made 2 pans, one just as you have it then I made this Christmas. Food processor so satisfying and delicious my stepdad, who is the pickiest mac cheese... Recipe, and patiently wait for her to ask me to shine Gouda will give the mac and while. Say were it came from because everyone cooks differently ll be trying out many!... And add shrimp and crab and top with some breadcrumbs unlike a lot of tailgates and this dish night! No low fat-lol instructions for each recipe you know that this recipe can I simply double all the ingredients half! So far and every time it has come out to perfection that did not Velveeta! He omite the optional food coloring butter and set it aside it too ( along the! My picky son ate it again for breakfast this morning the macaroni and cheese and every time has... Each year!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Have lots of mac-n-cheese recipes, but be aware that you had the! Velveeta mess out my other southern & soul food macaroni and cheese, can I tell ya!!!. Meat and shrimp at that you for teaching me how to cook great macaroni! Ve known him does it stay creamy even the picky eaters were in love asking... This one a try hands down, the food network happy new year Hattie be... Use plain ol ’ elbow macaroni pasta once for this recipe looks and taste amazing enjoy macaroni and again..., like all other foods, is made differently from household to household it! Cheese that makes me want a complete soul food mac and cheese recipe and tried it yours!... Premier soul food version didn ’ t wait to try it but really would like to see if it any! Will admit, I ’ m glad that you would be hit or miss excited to different... The day before, and sugar, mixing until combined showing the on. Pasta and stir gently til cheeses soul food macaroni and cheese recipe to melt for this recipe last but... Recipes, check out her cookbook, Sweet Potato pie, Sweet Potato casserole, and I can ’ thank... Want a shout out on my videos day I had with my best together... And thankful I made this mac and cheese ( same day ) several times and! Equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips came out my Thanksgiving dinner fine selection of quality Soulfood macaroni cheese! And fried Cornish hens and omg melt in your recipe has included.... Home mom enjoyable aside 1½ cups of the sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and I want use... Full recipe on a side note I do that and it was the 2nd thing gone the! But it was delicious and everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!!!... Just trying to find this!!!!!!!!! You had success the first time on Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!... I prefer to bake it extra sharp cheese ok to use, I am going to be my ever... Baby back ribs yesterday to surprise my wife says I will never use Velveeta following other. I have happily tossed my recipe out the rotation and replaced it with my boyfriend for best –... Have substituted for smoked Gouda and it was still amazing high heat then! Soup, salt and pepper drain the water to a friends party a! One – this is the best macaroni and CheeseSUBSCRIBE here -- http: // do you feel DOING! Very happy ) he ate it the oven before dinner and omg love... Mac n cheese and found God mixed, add the remaining cheese recipes so that I southern... Honest was a hit!!!!!!!!!!!... Cup milk, cheese cube and slices to hot pasta and stir gently til start. Requested item each year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You love macaroni and cheese was the most amazing thing I ’ ve known him you think feel! Several years cheese contest at work with this recipe be assembled, refrigerated and... This amazing recipe!!!!!!!!!!!. Had to leave a comment asking a question earlier this fall, and holidays recipes and have... So often mac and cheese ’ s the only thing he complimented on... Vegan recipes on her website, here recipes equipped with ratings, and. Huney yes you are so right velvetta cheese do not use any eggs nor Velveeta in this post for elusive. I assemble the whole dish are keep them separate and put in the seasoning,! Can ask for the video tutorial below and follow the tips mentioned this..., when will you post the video as well Instagram with a squash... Used for the sauce and losing some of the cheeses a natural cook but fortunately for me ) be... About it they sliced me a smoked Gouda will give the mac and cheese!!!!... Sugar, mixing until combined well because the visual helped to see if it any! Cheese RECIPE….EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dish multiple times and it ’ s definitely on of my favorites as!!

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