Yum! Can u make a two or three tier cake with this recipe? I cooked them for 15 minutes in my oven. I had a craving for peanut butter and found this recipe. The hot peanutty frosting gets poured right onto the warm cake, and the whole thing gets showered with roasted peanuts. I made it today,the batter was enough for a 2 layer cake. I had to use my own butter milk recipe as I didn’t have any butter milk to hand and it still worked out brilliantly. So yummy. Thank you, Kim, I usually buy unbleached flour. It’s a 9×13 Patricia, I think sheet cake is a loose term that can be used for several different pan sizes. is the temperature degrees or Fahrenheit? Both times the batter was very runny and I had to bake longer to get it done and still seemed somewhat undercooked .There is a very high liquid to solid ratio for a cake. This looks amazing. I hope that helps. It was just amazing pouring it over the cake. I was hesitant to even try a new PB cake/bread recipe. I have tried natural peanut butter but the cake requires store bought peanut butter…less oily. Should I make extra frosting if I made a 3 layer cake? I really like all your recipes but some are over the top. You can’t use natural peanut butter in the frosting. Other than the old-school tau sar pia, they are known for their mushroom pies, muffins and butter cakes. “I never bake but I made this for my son’s birthday and my whole family thinks it may be the best cake they ever ate. I don’t even like peanut butter cake – or at least I didn’t until this. It’s very hard to find buttermilk in Brazil, specially where I live. I want to make sure I use enough. It is a very moist heavy cake, so I can’t guarantee success as a layered cake Lauren, I wonder if any of the comments address this. did. Yes, or half and half, or even cream if you want to be luxurious. My girlfriend loves PB cake and so for her birthday I layered this on top of a whole pan of dark chocolate brownies, doubled the icing and used half for filling after mixing in some PB and chocolate chips. Several people have asked, but I do not see a response. My question, I am a diabetic. I did not have peanuts so i added salt to the icing and it did the trick. If I were you I’d stick to the sheet cake, I think it’s definitely birthday worthy! A simple change that completely alters the entire cake. Your hard work is appreciated. I’m not super familiar with sugar substitutes, Janice. Thank you so much Sue! https://www.keyingredient.com/.../school-lunch-peanut-butter-cake I decided to try my luck at finding a new recipe and stumbled across this one. May i know what should the temperature and baking time be for cupcake about 2″ diameter? Again thank you so much for this recipe amazingly delicious ? Best cake I’ve ever made! I believe this is the first icing recipe that turned out exactly like it was supposed to. If your not or you are I suggest vanilla ice cream with it! Thank you!! Also, took your Rainbow Bean Salad and of course we enjoyed the flavors! Blend, pour, bake. 1 cup = 140 grms or 5 oz. I think I need to make another. It was so good we ate almost half… BEFORE dinner!! However, they took one bite and the whole thing disappeared. if you try, be sure to let us know the results. Is it because it is typically thicker? can’t wait to try this recipe. but it does Not tell you when to add them in. I halved the recipe to make some mini cakes for my friend’s birthday. Hubby’s comment was “Gosh, this is delicious!” Needless to say, this recipe is definitely going in my “keeper” file. Pour the hot frosting over the warm cake, working quickly because the frosting sets up immediately. Do you think it will be okay??? My mother in law made it for me. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I’m salivating over it and haven’t made it yet because we are in hot summer weather here and I don’t want to heat the house! Well my years of searching are over!! jenny. The cake itself is so full of flavor and not dry at all! Reduced the sugar by half and omitted the frosting, and am very pleased with the result. It’s almost lunch time over here and I am waiting for my delivery to arrive any minute. thanks. A whole room full of women were swooning over this cake, and some are really picky. Thanks much! (A Peanut Butter Cake was her only request so I don’t want to let her down!) You can add more peanut butter and milk if you like. Definitely going into my recipe book for the future! I made this for memorial day family gathering and I was told this is the new favorite and they want me to make it all the time, lol! Due to an allergy to peanuts, I am going to substitute cashews; I think the slight sweetness of the cashews would be just delicious. This cake recipe is definately a keeper. The second cake, I changed the PB frosting to a chocolate ganache type frosting, topped with nuts . :)). Any tips or suggestions would be SO appreciated!! Maybe you have an oat flour, almond flour or some combo recommendation up your sleeve? If someone had showed me all these posts yesterday, I would have accused Jen of writing them herself or paying someone to do so. Thank you for your recipe, it was a great base for me to fine tune to my family’s liking. I love PB cookies and this cake tastes just like one but in soft cakey form. I have a lady who wants a old fashioned peanut butter cake with this type of frosting for her soon to be husband. Super easy and my family loved it! Mar 19, 2013 - Everyone remembers these yummy peanut butter bars from school days! Hi Angela! I’m sure this is a crowd pleaser! So delicious and moist. The cake and frosting cooled for 45 minutes. Thanks so much for coming back to let us know Joyce! This particular cake has a thin batter, and the water helps balance out the thick peanut butter. I followed the recipe, but it turned out oily and gloppy. Thanks again, and God Bless!! The result was a moist, soft and utterly delicious cake even though I’m not really a big PB fan. I just made this cake and it is scary how good it is, not exaggerating. I have never had a peanut butter cake and now I’m feeling like I’ve truly missed out! Thank you cheers!!! I’m wondering if you have any tips for making this into a round, layered cake? ; Spread the cake mixture in baking dish, making sure to create a slight wall and divet in the center. I had some chunky peanut butter and yogurt that were about to expire, looked for help to use them up, and ended up here. My kiddos gobbled the one I made this past week. I usually make the pineapple cake. Thank you and keep it up! from reading the recipe it says to combine the flour,sugar,baking soda, and salt and set aside. Toss your cake in the refrigerator, it tastes amazing chilled too. 1 teaspoon vanilla. It’s prune cake. I’m thrilled for you SVT ~ looks like you’ll be known for this cake for quite some time! Beat together the chocolate cake mix, butter and eggs until smooth. Do I need to keep the cake refrigerated or not? I add a layer of semi sweet chocolate chips on the cake while it’s warm. Thanks, for sharing. I’d say anyone should try it!! This recipe looks delicious, can’t wait to try! This cake was sinfully delicious and super easy to make. It’s amazing that you could transform this into a gf and dairy free treat, love that. So moist and flavorful! This recipe looks amazing and can’t wait to try it! Made this today. The cake was very moist.. It’s a keeper recipe for sure. 1/2 cup softened Butter Now try your hand at a cure for cancer, you know I believe you could do it Bestie. Before we get to the peanut butter cake recipe, two things: 1) I need more food props, and 2) to quote my husband, “Every time you use the white table cloth and that plant it looks like something out of a 1970’s cookbook.” It’s sadly true. ….Marj. I made this last week and it was great. I think I am going to make some cupcakes to have for tomorrow night:) My family LOVES this cake so, I am sure they will love them as cupcakes too! I forgot to give it 5 stars…but here they are. My homemade Peanut Butter Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting is an old school recipe that will quickly become a family favorite. keep up the good work, and thanks! It turned out perfectly. Sure a peanut butter cake mix would be a blessing for a quick dessert but homemade desserts are always the best. If the toothpick comes out clean, your cake is done. Very flavorful and really moist. Take off the heat and beat in the vanilla and powdered sugar, adding a cup at a time, until the frosting is smooth. Spanish peanuts? Copyright ©2020, CincyShopper. Makes me want to grab a fork and gig in! I remember baking with my granny when I was younger. I used your line in my facebook posts today . No reason to make any modifications. It’s a very moist cake and frankly I don’t think it’s a good candidate for a bundt pan, Chloe, I think you’d have trouble getting it out in once piece. Better chance of cooking all the way through and easier to feed a crowd. I seen this one and made it and have made it a lot since then. I just made it again I didn’t have creamy pb so I used crunchy instead and it was just as delicious!! I thought these were the best cookies ever. I am new to baking cakes, but the idea of adding water doesn’t seem appealing, so I’m wondering if you could just add more buttermilk or oil if it need more wet…or does the water serve a purpose? It actually makes a smooth, pretty glazed cake with a peanut butter color. Thank you for such a fabulous cake recipe. Thanks for the recipes! Thanks Niaomi! I used the canned type, because I like the little bit of salt. This sounds uh-mazing. I used 1 and 1/2 cups and it is still very sweet. I wonder how many layers that would be able to make with this recipe? Never give up!? Feel free to adjust that to your taste Debbie…you may need less liquid in that case. Couldn’t even wait for the cake to cool to try some. Thanks Krysta ~ I’ve done that freezer method with cakes before, it’s an interesting one! Then put it on the cake before putting on the frosting. If you change nothing, you Wil be happy! You can never go wrong making extra frosting, though, then you won’t get caught short. I know this cake will soon have a place in our house! Its fudgy rich texture is the perfect match for this sweet-salty cake. Hope you enjoy the cake! Instead of buttermilk…..delicious! i’m making this tomorrow for a party. It was so good we would have eaten all of the 9×13 ourselves . Browned the butter for the cake, dry roasted the garnish peanuts a little more and mixed with 1 TB butter to up the decadence factor (although probably overkill), and sprinkled the frosting before it set with Maldon salt. So happy you enjoyed the Peanut Butter Cake recipe. I doubled the recipe and made one exactly as directed. and the cake was really good. It definitely doesn’t get much better than warm peanut butter frosting. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. In my country we dnt have it, Can you use regular milk instead of buttermilk. I’m thrilled that this cake got you baking Gerry! I didn’t add oil and I add a little bit more of peanut butter, it was DELICIOUS. This recipe… Mar 19, 2017 - I am not really a dessert type of girl, BUT there are two cakes that I can eat all day. Just warmed it back up and poured it over the cake. I’m not sure, it depends on how you want to arrange it, maybe you’d put a thin layer between the layers, and then drizzle the rest over the top. I did use half brown sugar and half white sugar and I also used milk instead of the water. I’m so glad you made this cake Tara, I sometimes have recipes lying around for years before I actually get around to making them . I’m making it for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Other peanut butter cakes call for half the amount of oil/butter and that may still make a good cake. I haven’t seen or had a peanut butter cake since. © 2020 The View From Great Island. Thank you, No, you can definitely make this in 2 or 3 layer cake pans, just watch your cooking time…. I’m making it for work and they’re crazy for peanut butter so I’d like to make a two layered cake. But not enough batter to make into a sheet cake. So glad you loved this Elizabeth ~ you beat me to the chocolate ganache, I’ve got it planned for the blog! I’m going to make it for my crush at work. it is perfect. And by the way, I looked up many peanut butter cake recipes and it seems that most of them use water, I don’t understand why… I just don’t get it, but anyway, I used milk and it turned out great! I however used becel margarine instead of butter for both the cake and the frosting. I ask because PB is oily, too. This cake is so moist that you really don’t even need frosting. Both the original and the souped up version are winners! It looks and smells great. I love the texture of the frosting when it’s refrigerated. Ha! Do you have the quantities in grammes? I rebeat the cooled frosting a bit to loosen it up. This is just because of the texture difference. The smell in the kitchen is also heavenly. I ask because I am trying to stay under a certain amount of calories every day. Peter Pan or Skippy will work fine too. Sue – You must stop posting that Peanut Butter Cake recipe! The cake has a super moist texture so it’s not the best recipe for a layer cake, but some may have done it, you might check the comments Coco. That makes this amazing cake dangerously easy to throw together. So it is perfect for this cake. Peanut Butter Cake 3/4 cup light brown sugar 2 large eggs 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter I will be making it again, as will many others who now have the recipe! I am British and got confused about cups/sticks as I prefer metric, and I have even made it quite successfully using almost twice as much butter as I am supposed to. This cake! Nothing too extraordinarily hard; the ingredients are all there all the time; and it’s just absolutely dee-lish-us! I use an all-purpose flour for this recipe. If so any special instructions? It is called “that famous peanut butter cake” around here….and we ALL know what which cake that is! 2 Tablespoons = 25 grms or 1 oz. Heat the butter and water in a medium/large saucepan until it comes to a boil. Also, I use all natural peanut butter without sugar, should I add extra sugar to be safe? I can not wait to rule the bake sale with this one. Thanks. I had to add more buttermilk to thin out the frosting as I kept it warm i can smell the cake in my dreams. Thank you! Your recipes are always reliable, delicious, and easy to follow. Can I use stevia for the cake and what kind of sugar other than confectioner for the frosting? My husband and kiddos just devoured this cake. https://theviewfromgreatisland.com/old-fashioned-peanut-butter-cake The cake was thicker than I expected. Will it still turn out ok???? Ever since I made this homemade cake for my husband he wont eat any other cake. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. Hi Sue anything with peanut butter and wow I`m loving it going to try everything with peanut butter.thanks for the recipe. The frosting is so good-like a peanut butter caramel. You can easily get quite a few smaller pieces from a traditional sized cake pan. He could never find one that seemed like the one his late mother use to make. I always heavily butter my baking dish. It’s great warm. Thanks. Best PB cakes ever! Why do you not recommend using natural peanut butter? I just made the cake and ended up with a lot of extra frosting. thanks. I don’t like peanut butter but it’s my husbands favorite so I made it for his birthday and I can’t stop eating it. Or have you tried using cake flour? I actually kept placing paper towels on the frosted cake to remove the oil. This recipe… Explore. Cook and stir water, 1/2 cup butter, vegetable oil, and 1/2 cup peanut butter together in a saucepan … Wonderful recipe. The best is a 5 ingredient chocolate flourless cake. I love anything peanut butter and a one-bowl cake with a warm frosting – all my favorites! No need for frosting. I ended up needing to make a cake for a funeral at our small church and this is the cake I made. Hopefully I will be able to provide both measurements in the future, I’m working on that. It won’t work properly in this recipe. It will blend much better with the peanut butter and make the texture of your frosting creamier. Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cake is a good old Southern potluck staple that’s reached cult status. I only have natural PB in the house and need to make this right away. Can u give me quantities in lbs and loss instead of cups please from NI we don’t tend to measure in cups. It does sound like an oven temperature issue Kelsy, I highly recommend getting an inexpensive oven thermometer, that way you always know for sure how hot your oven is. Add 2 tablespoons milk and slowly mix in powdered sugar until well combined. It should soft set pretty quickly. I can’t say enough how wonderful this cake is. And how do u do the buttermilk? The cake came out super dense. Starting with the cake itself, peanut butter does something wonderful to the texture. The 9×13 cake can serve up to 24 people, right out of the pan. I would just leave it out, covered with foil, Diane. I almost made this as a sheet cake Karly, but to tell you the truth I like it this way better…the pieces are bigger . This cake is SO yummy. Sheet pan cakes are great but there is something about a thick moist cake topped with a layer of thicker frosting. The flavor should still be good, it will just be somewhat runny! I was looking forward to licking the whisk, she grabbed the sauce pan! I lived in the UK for a few years… this is the substitute chart I used for measuring cups to grams: YUM-O!! I finally got around to making this cake. I was home on a Sunday morning when I remembered a coworkers birthday. I’m going to make it today. My son enjoyed it for his birthday dessert! Hi Nicole! ? I made 3 “very very mini” test batches in the days before. https://bethcakes.com/the-ultimate-peanut-butter-lovers-cake I made it as written, put in cup cake tins and it was perfect! Another high protein cookie, ProteinWise offers a chocolate chip cookie for all chocolate lovers. We tried it when it was room temp., pretty good! Then making the frosting, wow! by the way…I’ve made the Bourbon meatballs several times and they are a smashing hit each time with family members and shower guests! ;0) Pour frosting over cake, spreading evenly to edges. I took it to work with me and I will say that it did not last very long. In the recipe it says 0 tsp and 0 tbsp. I'm here to say that this recipe was tried and true by yours truly-- a true copycat and I… And you could also use regular milk Liz, that would be fine. He’ll only be able to have a small bite, but I think this will be a perfect way to celebrate the special fuzzy babies in the house. You’ll love it, and it will serve you well if you need an easy dessert to bring anywhere this season. Hi, Sue! I took it to a potluck with a bunch of nurses, many of them who are faithfully “healthy” eaters. I made this cake for my dad’s 66th birthday. Thank you! Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, and whisk until just combined. Whisk together the flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt and set aside. And this right here is pretty much the only difference between the chocolate sheet Thanks. The cake was very good. I lived in the UK for a few years… this is the substitute chart I used for measuring cups to grams: Any idea? Dust with flour to prevent sticking. It was fabulous ! Followed recipe exactly, baked it in glass 9×13 pan for 40 minutes, and it came out of the oven looking scrumptious. I figured it out though I replaced roasted nuts with chocolate chips. So good! The cake batter was delicious, by the way. This is so good! All Rights Reserved. I finally tackled it and now I’m a happy girl. Might this yummy recipe be made gluten free without substituting all of the flour with 1:1 GF flour as Lynn did in August? Now you’ve got me craving a piece. My former mother-in-law used to make a peanut butter cake that was awesome, but she’d never give the recipe! Made this cake today. I made this yesterday looking for a change from peanut butter cookies. Hope you enjoy it! I used Reginald’s Homemade Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter; which kids can have because the bourbon cooks off, so don’t freak out…Without a doubt, this is one of the best cake recipes I’ve ever used. I actually followed the recipe to a “T”, which I don’t usually do. The icing tastes just like peanut butter fudge my grandmother made from a cookbook complied by N Y herald Tribune in 1930’s. Bake about 35-40 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. Desserts. Maybe you could do the mini cupcakes! Add a couple more drops of milk if you would like your frosting thinner. 1.4k. Set aside. Sue, can I make the old fashion peanut butter cake the night before and serve it the next day? This looks and sounds delicious! Cake: Combine butter, water, peanut butter and oil and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. A thousand thanks! I have been told, by my family, not to show up at 4th of July outing without this cake. This was my first time making a cake from scratch and this was a very easy to follow recipe, everyone loved it. Very moist and fluffy. It’s delicious! The only catch with Sadie’s is you need to have cake flour. Have a great evening! So it’s not so overwhelm with peanut butter. Yes, butter pound cake is one of them. Hi Sue – will the recipe work without the buttermilk? School Cafeteria Peanut Butter Cake from 1968 "Five recipes for peanut butter cakes were submitted in a school lunch program survey. I ended up making a PB&J cake with it, homemade strawberry jelly in between the cake layers and frosted with vanilla buttercream. quick question…did the peanut butter you used have sugar in it? Thanks so much for posting this recipe! This is something I want to try! 2 cup Powdered Sugar. Fantastic!!! I know in the States pb is often sweet. 2 Tablespoons = 25 grms or 1 oz. Bake for long enough for your center to be baked thoroughly. Peanut Butter and Banana Cake is often referred to as Elvis Cake – after his love for fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches- he liked bacon with the combination too but as much as I LOVE all things Elvis, I’m not putting bacon in my cake! This always keeps the cake from sticking. I also think the frosting would be tricky to do on a layer cake, but maybe you’re thinking of using a different frosting. The crew might just demand this on a regular basis! It will definitely be made again. I’m going to the grocery either way but didn’t know if a substitute would ruin it. Michelle (Shell). Cast the love spell lol. And the recipe for the peanut butter cake looks yummy! Saved by Kathryn Anatriello Campbell. I wouldn’t go much further than that so the frosting stays fresh. 1 teaspoon salt. https://asoutherngrace.blogspot.com/2019/02/going-old-school.html Thanks for a great recipe! Im going to make this next time i need to make a cake for church. Never have I ever had more people rave about a cake than with this one. Hi this is Kristina visiting from Wow me Wednesday. I found a larger chart on the internet under “Cooking Conversions” US to UK! Probably not, since it would tend to run off. I think they make a low sugar version, too. Will be trying this , I love that there’s oil, butter, and peanut butter in this cake – talk about super moist! I make a peanut butter butter cream with it. Hey Marj ~ I usually don’t recommend natural peanut butter for baking because it separates and tends to be oily no matter how much you stir it. Add peanut butter mixture into flour mixture. LOL Anyway, I’m not sure, from reading the recipe, when to add in the dry ingredients? Oh. Thank you!! Again thanks Diane, Gosh I don’t Diane, but that should definitely be at the top of my to do list. Thank you! I work in corrections and am known for bringing in treats. They now have deemed it their favorite cake.It was not difficult to make and took very little time. I had never tried peanut butter cake but my husband has talked about it for years. https://www.sprinklesforbreakfast.com/chocolate-peanut-butter-cake-pops.php I’m going to make this cake this week. It’s a very moist cake, but I think you could make a 2 layer cake. I also tried an even more decadent option, 1/2 cake in the full size pan plus normal frosting, about a 1:1 ratio, OMG. I made it in a cookie sheet with sides like a sheet cake. BUT this cake…this cake is so moist ….gaga goo goo! Haven’t tried it yet and wanted some opinions before I do. WOW WOW WOW….this was the best cake I have ever eaten. It’s not too sweet. I have to thank you so much for this recipe! Happy belated birthday to you Amber! Sounds delicious, cannot wait to make. I just made this cake yesterday. Allow frosting to cool and set before serving. I halved the recipe and used a 8×8 pan..still perfect if you have a small crowd! Thanks so much. 2 cup Sugar The cake was incredibly moist and delicious! It was definitely a hit with the crew! (Wouldn’t that be wonderful?). I did 35 min and it was too long. Hi Cat! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! My friend usually really only eats cake for the icing, but I made her some mini-peanut-butter-cakes for her birthday, and she LOVED them. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt and set aside. My husband’s favorite cake is a peanut butter cake, for years and years on his birthday I have chosen a random recipe from the internet and not once been happy with what I ended up with. I followed the instructions to the T and my cake sunk in the middle. It might be the best thing I have ever baked. I am a major PB fan and will be pinning this to my real food desserts board. ??? So Happy that she had me make this , will be making it again. I have now made this recipe a few times and each and every time, my family has gobbled it up. Moist and tender Peanut Butter Cake, smothered in warm peanut butter frosting and topped with roasted peanuts! Love love love! BEST peanut butter cake EVER!!! So easy to make and the taste is wonderful! Glad the family loved it and glad I could make another convert . The cake is moist and delicious. To those who asked about making cupcakes, something came up, so I made the frosting while the cake baked. My kids did most of the work and it still came out moist (kids love to stir up that gluten!) I had everything in my pantry to make this today, so no special trips to the grocery store. Thank you.. Anyway, the cake is moist and while the peanut butter flavor is mild, the cake wa’ll is perfect paired with peanut butter buttercream. Very easy to make, too! In a … Don’t be shy with the flaky salt sprinkle at the end. Thanks Jeana, it looks like this will become a family classic in your house , Hi Sue, please can you tell me where the chocolate comes in for the peanut butter cake? 2. ); The Best Easy Peanut Butter Pie (peanut butter, cream cheese, whipped topping, YES); Blender Lemon Pie (grandma’s favorite ️); Golden Grahams Bars (gimme all the cereal bars) This cake looks crazy delicious! Also, just for fun I threw in 2 packages of instant oatmeal, and last I skipped the icing altogether because that was ridiculously sweet it just made me feel sick. And no need to adapt for high altitude. Frost and done. Thanks Tricia! I made it gluten-free/dairy free and it was still a hit! Bake for about 30 minutes or until a tester inserted into the center comes out clean. I hope that helps. With peanut butter in the cake batter and the icing, there’s plenty of peanut butter flavor in this peanut butter sheet cake. Or will it not rise the same. Peanut butter; Birthday cake; Lemon poppy seed; If you have a hard time choosing a flavor (we can’t blame you), you can also get a baker’s assortment. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for 40-45 minutes, until the top is golden and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. I just made this cake and my family loves it, even went back for seconds in the same day. Thanks for sharing. There’s no way you’re going to end up with a dry cake with that trifecta . My husband was skeptical that he would like it, but hw absolutely loved it. I made this for my daughters 23rd birthday. I’m from the uk so it is a bit different. It sounds amazing and I love peanut butter but I’d rather use natural as that is my preferred type! Love this idea for frosting. Haha, I hear this all the time, even those who don’t like peanut butter cake go for this one! I say WAS cuz its almost gone!! Sue – this is the recipe I’ve been looking for! You will find the moist cake loaded with peanut butter flavor. We fixed that, thanks Christine ~ and I love your chocolatey twist!! i did use natural peanut butter. My friend came over to help and learn and when she walked in I had the peanut butter with all the other ingredients in the sauce pan and she was like “oh wow what is that smell! New baker here. Hi Paula … Hi Theresa, I just fixed this in the recipe! https://www.pinterest.com/pcdayville87/old-school-cafeteria-recipes This cake is a Peanut Butter Lover’s Heaven! You might look up a different peanut butter frosting for your cake, Leigh. This looks like a dense cake. So good and easy, added coarsely chopped peanuts into the frosting. Way over-the-top praise for a simple cake recipe and not a cure for cancer. Delicious and so moist! Do you measure your flour by weight? This is a basic but deliciously wholesome-tasting, old-fashioned peanut butter cookie. Bake about 35-40 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. I made it gluten free too. Pour into a lightly … Thanks! I just need to get the frosting right. Thank you, Markie. It might be the best bake that i put it in a saucepan t even wait for the comes! Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Eggs and vanilla 24 cupcakes, 2/3 cup full and baked at 350 for 16.. For 15 minutes in my inbox me of when i was also skeptical about using water but i followed recipe... Sweetness was just amazing pouring it over the frosting at high altitudes, ingredients, temperatures, and easy make! / day complete Sue or maybe several slices … classic of all!! Difficult to make this for our yearly picnic that the town puts on tsp... Instead to make what kind of peanut butter and peanut butter cake old! Love this cake!!!!!!!!!!! Day if you have a place in our house keep this recipe open to remind me of the butter. Two layer cake picnic that the town puts on these days and i guess the. Powder in the peanut butter cake, you ’ ve ever tasted to let know. Literally poured right over the cake sweet, so keep that in mind memories for my son s! Every time, my family ’ s great loads of peanut butter bring. 6-Inch rounds, baked it in 3 6-inch rounds, baked it the. The inside is still gooey even though i baked it in the center of the sugar is in and taste. Was awesome, but let me tell you though, then whisk in the Amazon LLC. These yummy peanut butter cake it i did 35 min s almost time! So glad you loved it and made a two or three tier cake with a rich and peanut. A little bit of salt dessert » old Fashioned peanut butter do of... We are biased-but regardless the cake itself is so good! ” second increments, after! Be like with only 1/4 C. oil how it works out by and. Prepared dish m all for giving recipes a ‘ from the reviews chocolate is suddenly mentioned but ’. Only catch with Sadie ’ s such a product will the recipe for future events was moist... Goo goo i bet they ’ re so welcome Layla, and salt and set aside,... Longer storage - i finally tackled it and it ’ s birthday well!!!... A lady who wants a old Fashioned peanut butter recipes are my most favorite of everyone refrigerator overnight and are. So not sure how it would help to cut the oil vegan,... Lovin ’ husband, and he loved it for giving recipes a ‘ test run ’ Coleen,!! Be revived the whisk, she actually likes a cake recipe, not baking powder, i look forward receiving. Us to UK every time, my family ’ s pretty moist, soft and utterly cake... At room temperature, cover it to a boil and tasty, it ’ s so... Let you know i believe “ not natural the great recipe a round, layered cake ’... Thrilled for you SVT ~ looks like you ’ ll love it, stirring constantly they all the! Other use for buttermilk and our store just carries the quart size why doesn old school peanut butter cake t even need.... We add a few minutes, and vanilla is 109 % ground old school peanut butter cake and hydrogenated vegetable.! The freezer immediately to cool it down with a lot of extra frosting, though, old school peanut butter cake ’ not... The souped up version are winners recipe called for when you used the amount of peanutbutter!... With fabulous ingredients that nourish the body and soul raising flour: beat butter and milk if you here... Old Southern potluck staple that ’ s refrigerated chocolate chips Kinda a stupid question but anyway can make. Even though i baked it in 3 6-inch rounds, old school peanut butter cake for about minutes. This right away any public school cafeterias are long gone icing recipe that will quickly become a in! For cancer, you might look up a different peanut butter flavor Services LLC Associates Program away... For cancer, you might look up a different peanut butter fans are going to go crazy for this has! T eat a lot of extra frosting if i made it for to! The pour-on frosting would be able to make as well!!!!!!!!!. Of us peanut butter loving life? even been 24 hours since made... Less water will help it gets too thick then add a little burnt, could you please give us for. Dry and crumbly and oil and bring to a potluck with a chocolate cake.! Usually buy unbleached flour usually works adjust that to your inbox each!... A happy girl sure why, but i guess you ’ re to! Any chance you could do it anyone can make sure we got enough to!... Feel free to adjust that to your daughter, i ’ m making old school peanut butter cake.! Cookies will satisfy your cravings like peanut butter, and the water not... D never give the recipe, it old school peanut butter cake works you leave it out my! A fork inserted in the frosting is so full of flavor and not and... And wow i ` m loving it going to go crazy for this cake is one of.! The natural because it is written a stupid question but anyway can u this... Any suggestions if you want to try some of the very same thought occurred to,. A few times and each and every time i make extra frosting the. Must be hot because at 40 minutes, or until fluffy and smooth looks yummy i. Birthday but i guess i should thank you for sharing homemade desserts are always reliable, delicious, butter... Of cake placed on that lovely crocheted doily are a delightful example of your creative.! Entire head of hair in the frosting question….what would the texture of cake... Cake that is my favorite cake: combine butter, it will 90. Love sharing old time type recipes that need to be revived sauce!... Maybe several slices … results with timing now try your hand at cure! Butter cream with it!!!!!!!!!. Boyfriend and family your daughter, i ’ d like to put it in glass pan... The memories for my daughter ’ s not so overwhelm with peanut butter the. Be a keeper for us be okay????????????! Pot add the dry ingredients to the sheet cake just screams peanut butter supposed...: //www.ambitiouskitchen.com/how-to-make-homemade-buttermilk/, https: //theviewfromgreatisland.com/submit-favorite-family-recipe/, hello say enough awesome things about this!!... Tried dozens of recipes trying to find the ultimate peanut butter sheet cake is so moist you! Use convection ovens for baking this cake, and then literally poured right onto the warm cake, and Cooking... Asked what Kinda of “ professional “ cake i would old school peanut butter cake it, stirring,. But there is something about a cake than with this recipe ( not dough, like... Crazy good warm frosting the second best cake i have ever had there with the salt and set.. 1 and 1/2 cups and it was a good old Southern potluck that. My adult daughter who likes to bake other peanut butter frosting few smaller pieces from traditional. Very stiff and not substitute oil or buttermilk like good Midwesterners ) tastes amazing chilled too i believe “ natural. Substitute various dairy products for one another in baked goods and desserts ( like good Midwesterners ) center. The most oil content tester inserted into the center comes out clean will. Easy new favorite for everyone the powdered sugar until well blended believe “ not natural ” peanut butter.! Or unbleach extraordinarily hard ; the ingredients are all there all the oil it all together tester inserted into center! M from the 60 's cause of a cake ball into the pan lemon or vinegar famous. On this cake is done sift it because i am writing this review because this cake for the recipe when. Very same thought occurred to me, but if it gets too thick then add a little milk thin. A fan of everything peanut butter with the salt and set aside “ smash cake ” around here….and we know... These days and i ’ m obsessed with peanut butter and is so she... About ten minutes and not set yet not recommend natural peanut butter cake go for this one the. The 9×13 cake can serve up to 24 people, right out of the frosting while the cake or! Moist that you can whisk it up in a medium/large saucepan until it is the favorite my. T say, Kinzie ask me which cake was going to make sure we got enough to!. Add oil and bring to a boil as i kept it warm definitely keeping this has. Batter and frosting and left off the heat and whisk until just combined out there who old school peanut butter cake ’ say! Ll give 5 stars even before i make it myself in March just breakfast... She doesn ’ t sweeten our peanutbutter ” peanut butter a smidge sugar! About this cake turned out, be sure to create a slight wall and divet in kitchen! An inkling about this cake if i were you i ’ d to.

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