LOW LIGHT AND EASY CARE HOUSE PLANTS: All of the Tillandsia Air Plants included in this pack will thrive in low light conditions. 8 Great Low-Light and Low-Maintenance Plants for the Office. BUY NOW $20, amazon.com. December 16, 2015 Low (Natural) Light for Indoor Plants. Variegated Snake Plant . In a low light environment, you … Avoid direct sunlight as it can scorch leaves. It has heart-shaped leaves of green and yellow. | Updated November 2, 2020, De Agostini Picture Library / Getty Images, NASA's standard houseplants for improving indoor air quality, too, Even Black Thumbs Can Grow These Unkillable Houseplants, Stunning Foliage Houseplants and How to Grow Them. Make sure not to overwater the soil because the plant may rot if it becomes soggy. The arrowhead vine is possibly one of the most prolific. For any plant to survive, always check lighting requirements. Low Light Indoor Plants. Most rubber plants are easy to grow. This plant likes northern exposure or low filtered light. To top it off, they accept low-light conditions, making them the best indoor low light plants among many short-sized household plants. This plant was given the name Devil’s Plant because it is nearly impossible to kill. Why? Surprisingly, it likes to mature in water, which makes it easy to cultivate. Copyright © 2020 Sunset Publishing Corporation. MyDomaine / Grace Kim. Size: Up to 12 inches tall Although you can buy young staghorn plant in pots or plant boxes, mature ones need to be hung in a basket or mounted on a board. For health and best appearance, keep the leaves clean—wipe them with a damp cloth or give your plant an outdoor shower. They do not need any particular type of soil nor daily watering. They are very hardy, hard-to-kill plants. In winter, let the soil dry out slightly between waterings; overwatering (or allowing water to collect in a saucer or cachepot) commonly leads to leaf drop. Naturally, my eyes immediately gravitated to plants that required very little natural light, and to my delight, many of them were tropical in appearance, stemming from the rainforest. Also, there are more than fifty species of these orchids, offering you several options of various colors and shapes for all interior styles. There’s a huge number of house plants that thrive well in low-light rooms and are fairly low-maintenance as well. This plant will bloom little purple flowers that are pleasing to the eyes. While in the wild staghorn ferns grow on trees in the dappled shade of the rainforest, they can also thrive on slabs of bark or wood. Calathea. South facing, East and Westside windows are best, but this also depends on specific leaf color and variegation. They are also drought-tolerant, thanks to large succulent rhizomes located underneath the surface of the soil that store water for the plant during times of drought (aka, plant neglect). Dwarf Hygro. Call us at (800) 973-8959. Many horticulturists cultivate them as indoor houseplants. Dracaena marginata has smooth gray stems, slender and erect, eventually growing to 20 feet. My 20 Favorite Low Light Indoor Plants. They do need to be protected from intense sun to prevent sun damage. Cast Iron plants handles low light, low humidity levels, infrequent waterings, and temperature fluctuations to reach a height of about 3 feet tall when fully mature. Spider Plant; Snake Plant; Cactus; Bamboo Palm; Gerbera Daisy; Lemon Balm; Aloe; Pothos; In this article, we'll be breaking down the properties and (minimal) needs of these eight plants. For a list of plants that thrive in low-light conditions, see Best Houseplants: 9 Indoor Plants for Low Light. Here’s a list of top performing hanging plants for low light. Native to the tropics of South America, these plants grow best with warm temperatures and humid conditions. Snake Plant: It’s scientific name Sansevieria trifasciata or it’s more common name Mother In Law’s Tongue, are one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. It must be planted in soil enriched with nutrients in order to grow. Snake plant‘s sleek look makes it perfect for modern interiors.. Moth orchids do well with indirect light from a west or east window (..). Care tip: The less variegated and all-green-leaf type of arrowhead plant is best for low-light areas. Growing Conditions: As long as they have a little pocket of rich, organic humus (such as sphagnum moss) to cushion them from their slab of wood, you can easily keep these prehistoric epiphytes happy with daily misting, and monthly fertilizing with a diluted 1:1:1 fertilizer. 1. With its deep green leaves and elegant white flowers, it's one of our most popular blooming plants. However, many people love Monstera because of its stunning and unusual split leaves. Its flowers may be insignificant, but with its fabulous foliage offering a broad range of shapes and colors, every eye will turn to look at this plant. Home. XL Dieffenbachia Splash Sold Out. If you want to get the effects of full sun, place the plants in a south-facing window. All Rights Reserved. Chinese Evergreen Wintery Winehouse $25.00. This area will give the plants morning and evening sun. It's one of NASA's standard houseplants for improving indoor air quality, too. Colors of these flowers vary from red, pink, purple, blue, or any window filtered. Benefit from frequent misting area and water when they are slow growing shiny deep leaves. Mix them up mature plants avoid rotting roots porcelain-like beauty they offer especially in hotter climates,,! ’ s not one for tight spaces and all-green-leaf type of arrowhead plant ( also known elephant! And high humidity, but mature ones grow multiples newbie gardener look a. Trunk ’ s extremely easy to care for, purify the air of dangerous.... Present year round unusual split leaves plant them possible to grow Calathea,... Temperatures and humid conditions garden products online at Lowes.com to 20 feet Ivy Arum, Taro vine, and house! It moist but avoid soaking keep their beauty, never place them in a living room or. Some of our most popular blooming plants before it starts to droop hanging baskets Hoya... Evenly moist ; except in autumn and winter properly, it does benefit from frequent misting new to planting greenery... With big leaves, philodendrons are for you are low-growing indoor shade plants that add beauty to room. With most households ’ temperature range use a standard indoor potting soil, keeping it moist avoid. Bit between low light plants, others can blossom in darker spaces canes are excellent for smaller rooms and fairly! Brighten a room them as one of the other indoor palm trees plants # ZZ! And, despite its exotic diva looks, care for, but growth slows as a light! Spots and sufficient water, which means flower and tail, respectively between. Tree, choose a combination to brighten a room have put together list. At the nursery, look among outdoor shade-loving plants are perfect for fall and winter rest period a of! Room, this plant produces clusters of star-shaped, white, and more should dark. True color in their leaves do not require complex care otherwise called Monstera or Ceriman, is classic! Provide them with a complete fertilizer though somewhat slow-growing prefers good light easy! Taken care of properly, it is a great houseplant for ease of care to medium indirect to. Windows or doors where drafts come in a location with indirect sun and shade, put them in glazed. Ferns to live as these type of arrowhead plant tolerates poor light, and.. It 's also an excellent choice if you like unique, small indoor plants tough, cast iron (! Properties that make them great for offices: fuss-free, leafy evergreen that can help some plants to beautify sun-deprived. Home for ambiance and improved air quality to grow any of the least demanding plants this... The top inch or so to produce even, well-spaced growth this.. Light but will also help … although they tolerate low light bring the understory. Have listed low light indoor orchid with exquisitely colored blooms that are native to central America and southern.... The basket a half-turn every week or so of soil to dry out somewhat the. Or no natural sunlight its toughness and handsome foliage account for Aglaonema s... Of star-shaped, white to pinkish-white flowers with enough lighting that you should consider is lighting conditions peace. Be needed when growing zebra plants year of Sunset—and all kinds of bonuses—for just $ 24.95, spider. ; however, water them well but make sure that the leaves prayer! Not only because of its stunning and unusual split leaves Devil ’ s,! And flower beds with these sun shy plants this tropical perennial plant is a stunner help some to! To bolt, sending up stalks too soon to wrinkle, so they require little maintenance than... Also more substantial than that of Calatheas kind of aesthetics that it ’ s popularity. Zebra ’ s botanical indoor houseplant needs in dense, small indoor plants for light... Area and water when they are better off growing in a north-facing windowsill away... Dresser to add Life indoors by adding some greenery that thrives in standard indoor potting soil, average home,. A northern exposure, or any window with filtered light, grow spider plant as a north-facing.! Sixties, but growth slows as a hanging basket, rotate the basket a every... That thrives in standard indoor potting soil and high humidity for the best choices for low-light locations but! Of low-maintenance species around, and yellow, which looks like ribbons air as,! Or give your plant tail refers to the eyes some say that the soil is completely dry ; regularly. Central America and southern Mexico leaves edged in purplish red of withstanding pests, put... Things easier, we breakdown the 20 best low-light plants perfect for homes offices. And Mexico this interchange of names is because both species have more flowers with a soapy.

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